Solar Hot Water Systems

Climate Solutions is one of the South West’s leading suppliers of solar hot water systems.

We supply, fit, service, repair and maintain solar hot water systems and can provide expert advice you can understand.

By taking advantage of our ‘buy now pay later’ options, a new solar heating system could be cheaper than you think.

Why solar?

Using the latest technology any home can harness the vast amount of energy produced by The Sun to provide 40 to 50% of it’s hot water. Solar energy does not burn fossil fuels (oil or gas) and will not run out for millions of years.

The UK has more solar energy than some people realise and the South West is well positioned to make the most of this energy.

UK map of solar energy use

UK solar irradiation; Annual Total kWh/m2

Source: solar trade association 

The average home uses 3,000 kWh per year for domestic hot water. A well designed Active Solar Heating system should contribute 1,500 to 2,000 kWh. This reduces your consumption of gas/oil and saves you money.

How does an Active Solar Heating system work?

solar energy diagram

A Solar Collector (panel) is fitted to your roof. A special fluid is pumped through the collector, taking the heat to your hot water cylinder. On darker, colder days, your boiler provides a top-up.